This is going to be epic people. New Zealands first proper multi day stage running race, to be held in some of New Zealands' most spectacular scenery. 


Firstly, I hope many New Zealanders and runners form overseas will seize the opportunity to take part in this event.  With a number of options to choose from you can make this as hard and challenging as you like or take it slightly easier and just enjoy pushing yourself in nature. 

I commend race director Michael Sandri for having the passion and foresight to bring this opportunity to the running world. As a race owner myself I know it's not an easy task and requires a lot of commitment and organisational skills to deliver a world class event and is driven usually by a passion for the sport and it's people and being able to offer an experience unequalled.

The scenery will be to die for, the cameraderie is sure to be fantastic and this will be, for many, I believe a life changing experience. 

Multi day stage racing has taken me all over the planet and I have had the most incredible, often extreme and hard but also confidence building experiences, you could imagine.  It pushes you outside your comfort zone and gives you a chance to face your fears and overcome all manner of difficulties to  hopefully emerge changed and stronger at the finish line.

My very first multi day saw me running across the Moroccan Sahara in the fabled Marathon des Sables 240km race and my life was forever changed after that event. It was hard, it was brutal at times, but I met people and experienced landscapes that would change the way I look at the world and at myself.

If you are contemplating signing up, I encourage you to just do it. Even if you don't quite know how you are going to achieve it. I have never known at the beginning of  a challenge just how I was going to do it but by signing up you set a chain of reactions going that will see you get there if you just focus, persevere, learn, get excited and just go for it and we would love to help you get there with the right training programmes and advice.

My partner Exercise Physiologist/Coach ultra runner Neil Wagstaff have experience in coaching runners for just such events and hope you will join us. We are currently working on specific training plans for this event so head over to our website and check us out

So what are you waiting for, the start places will be snapped up pretty quickly I believe, so sign up and get training for the one of the best experiences the running world has to offer. 


Lisa Tamati

Ultra marathon runner, North Face Athlete, Author, Coach  

Director Lisa Tamati Enterprises.

Director Running Hot Coaching.