We are delighted to have Harvey and Kerry Weir bring Anchor Milk Otago on board as our naming Gold sponsor for 2019. Harvey and Kerry Weir have lived in Oamaru all their life. They are always prepared to help out and roll their sleeves up where possible, especially with our youth. They love sports and the outdoors which will bring a huge skills base to the race which we are very grateful for. They Joined us last year as volunteers and a silver sponsor. Their time and professionalism helped us lift the race to another level and look forward to that partnership again this year.



Our Silver Sponsors

Laser Plumbing Oamaru is owned by  Hayley and Shane Carter. They are always very supportive and willing to help out in our community and surrounding district. We are very excited about having them on board this year.

Stephen and Judy Robertson are always keen to get involved with what is going on in Oamaru. They are continuously giving back, especially with the schools and youth of Oamaru. We look forward to having their support.

 Harvey and Kerry Weir have lived in Oamaru all their life. They are always prepared to help out and roll their sleeves up where possible, especially with our youth. Their love for sports and the outdoors will bring a huge  skills base to the race which we are very grateful for.

Over the years Network Waitaki Ltd has given so much back into our community and once again they continue their support toward the area by  coming on board with this exciting new event which we are very grateful for.


Our Bronze Sponsors

Thanks to the Oamaru Licensing Trust for their continued community support.

Portside Bar and Restaurant

Thanks to Sally Ann Donnelly, who is forever putting her hand up to help this Community  

Geoff Brown and his team from PlaceMakers Oamaru have serve their town continuously for years. Their generosity is shown over all of North Otago in many different areas. Thanks for your support and belief in this race Geoff.

We are excited about having the Crombie family on board with this event. Bevan has given a great deal back into Oamaru and now John is following in his father footsteps by playing a major role in getting this race up and running.

North Otago Motor Group have been serving the Waitaki area for many years enabling people to get from A-B. It is great that they are stepping aboard and joining us on this trip together. 


Partners to Back Country Cuisine alps2ocean ultra


We are very excited about having the A20 Cycle Trail as a partner to this event 


The running of this race has been made a lot easier with the ongoing support from the Mayor and Council.

which are very grateful for.


Thanks to the Sweat Experts at Precision Hydration who have partnered with A2O Ultra, Andy and his team have very generously supported us with key rehydration products during the event. They are also sharing a wealth of information and knowledge to our runners on sweating and rehydration tips via regular blogs and updates.


We would also like to thank Heliworks for there support and help

Alps2Ocean ultra are very pleased to have Dr Jon Scott and his wife Cathy, owners of Central Medical Oamaru come on board to lead our medical support team. Cathy and Jon live in Oamaru where they have raised their family. Jon has done a bit of running himself and it would be fair to say he is very excited about joining us for week. This is a massive commitment from Oamaru Central Medical and we as a race really appreciate it as I am sure all the runners will also