Newsletter one:

Hi Folks

Hope you all had a great Christmas and New Year celebrating with family and friends. I can’t believe we are nearly at the end of January already and soon we will have less than 12 months of training to go. Christmas for me was pretty much being excited about this race and spending lots of time looking at maps and going out and finding some really amazing sights that I am sure you are going to love.

We have been absolutely amazed by the support we have had from our community and land owners that are going to allow us to run and walk over their properties. To be honest some properties we have managed to get access to are exclusive to us.

The trail is so mixed. I biked 100 K’s of it on Saturday and every time I went around a corner the vista changed, which excites me because you won’t get bored. Over the next few months we will start showing you the elevations and maps of each stage and where all the drink stations will be. We just have to wait until we are allowed access to these properties that I mentioned earlier. My advice would be to make sure you do some hill work and then when you have done that go and do some more J.

 Here are some housekeeping items:

Accommodation: Please make sure you have booked you accommodation as soon as you can. At this time of year, the town is booked out because of the Chinese New Year and a lot of visitors arrive from overseas. I talked to a couple of motel owners last week and they said that they book from now to the middle of March, and the same thing will happen in Twelve months’ time.

Travel: The best airport to fly into is Christchurch, it is about 3 hr drive from Oamaru. I am assuming most people from overseas will arrive on the Monday or Tuesday hoping to be in Oamaru by the Wednesday. I suggest that you get your flights to Christchurch, then from there we can organise a shuttle or Bus to transport you down to Oamaru. Obviously, this will have a cost which I will be able to tell you once I know who is interested in catching that service. It may mean that if you arrive into Christchurch late you may have to stay the night (which is not a big deal as there are hotels beside the airport) and then catch the bus the next day. Let me know if you want this service to happen or you want to find your own way.


Supported versus Unsupported:

The rules for supported are the same as unsupported, except you have your food carried for you and your bedding and whatever else you want to hide away in you size limited bag, that at the start of the race has a 14kg weight limit including you running pack.

Supported runners have to carry all compulsory gear

Supported runners each day have to carry their minimum daily food intake of 2000 calories

Supported runners cannot buy or have any other food given to them during the race. You have to have all food for the week at registration.

Supported runners race pack has to be big enough so that on the long day you can carry two days’ food and additional warm clothing and water.

There are NO cooking facilities, only very hot water to rehydrate food.

All food will have to be marked with how many calories each item or meal has and you must put your race number on every item in your pack.

There is to be no outside help from any person other than official race volunteers (unless in a medical emergency).

To be honest, by the time you get to the last few days there will not be a lot of difference in pack weight between supported and unsupported, apart from your sleeping bag and bed roll.

Start List: once we get full and final payments for the deposit from the last few people we will put up a start list. We have a wide range of people coming from all over the world. Great friendships to be made.

Facebook Group: If you have not joined our private Facebook group please do so, already there has been some amazing stories and reason why people are doing this race. We have had interesting conversations on food, shoes, more food, training, there are monthly challenges and it is a great way to get to know everyone before you arrive.

Alps2ocean ultra 2k18 is the page name

That’s about it for now, any questions just send them to me


Regards Michael