A20 Ultra Newsletter – March 2017
Hi Everyone, and thank you all for the building excitement you are giving to the event. It is fair to say we eagerly await February and meeting you all face to face. The newsletter below should cover several of the questions that have been asked, that is the transport once the international entrants arrive in New Zealand.

Please keep the questions coming, it helps us make sure your experience is enjoyable. The trail excursions have been very rewarding, and only 1x small section of private farmland remains to be scouted before our race trail is finalised.

To keep our community involved, and build awareness, we had an Amazing Race to win a free entry. Jeremy (representing Snap Fitness) won the event, the 2x runners up (Rhiannon and Luke) were then sponsored entries by very supportive local businesses (Waitaki Rec Centre Gym and Fitness24 ).

We also had a “nominate your mate”, the entries and reasons submitted by the mates (some may now be former) were hysterically funny, and as you can imagine nominating your mate for this event is a real chance to put them in the hurt locker! The nominees were very nervous, but the winner Sara was exceptionally excited, and as a teacher, has a large group of children instantly following her. Welcome aboard to you all.

1. Transportation from Christchurch (Chch) to Oamaru

  • Back Country A20Ultra are organising a Bus to assist you getting from Christchurch to Oamaru, you can reserve a seat on a “first in first served” basis.
  • ONLY when you have confirmed your flights, please advise the Bus you want to catch, and we will confirm your bus seat.
  • Tuesday February 20th 2pm – Christchurch Airport to Oamaru
  • Wednesday February 21st 2pm – Christchurch Airport to Oamaru
  • An email has been set up to organise your bus reservation, please contact us with the bus you wish to reserve a seat on, also include your arrival flight time into NZ and onto Christchurch. We just want to confirm you will have enough time for connections.  alps2oceanultratransport@gmail.com
  • Price – There are 45 seats on each bus, and should be $45 maximum. In fact if we fill the bus it will only be $35 each. It will be a cash bus, so please have some kiwi $ on hand.
  • We will share on the race facebook page the seats available as we start filling the buses up, so you know how quick you need to be, and which day has seats. We will also confirm the price closer to February based on the numbers.

2. If you need to find your own way the following bus companies travel from Christchurch to Oamaru. Look for the Christchurch to Dunedin Bus, they all stop in Oamaru.

3. Most of the international flights into Auckland land prior to 10am

  • If your flight lands on Tuesday prior to 10am, then you can potentially catch a flight to Christchurch and catch that days bus to Oamaru. It will depend on your arrival time allowing for the connecting flight.
  • If it lands after 11am you won’t get to Domestic, check in and make the 12 noon flight so you will need to overnight in your choice of either Auckland or Christchurch. Hotels and motel options are listed below for Christchurch overnight.
  • FLIGHT time from Auckland to Christchurch is 1 hour 30 minutes plus the usual 1 hour check in. Also add customs clearance time and the walk over to domestic. 2x airlines mainly service this route
  • It is a 5 minute walk from International to Domestic terminal in Auckland. This is a race neutral zone, your times will not be counted although Say may put a beer up for the fastest time measured on your GPS!

4. Hotels and Motels in Christchurch if you have to overnight.

  • Commodore Hotel – 4 star business hotel http://www.commodorehotel.co.nz
  • Sudima Hotel – 4 star business http://sudima-christchurch.hotel-rn.com
  • Jucy Hotel – Pod style or private room Brand new. www.jucysnooze.co.nz
  • Lots of motels and my recommendation is to search www.wotif.co.nz and the Christchurch airport location. Most of the close ones will pick you up from the airport and drop you off in the morning. Check the services for this facility. Examples are listed below of some random Chch airport motels from wotif.co.nz
    • Airport Palms Motel
    • Airport Gateway Motor Lodge
    • Airport Lodge Motel

5. Oamaru Motels

  • Motel space pre race is getting scarce, please confirm your bookings. If you are struggling, please let us know through the private race facebook page or email and we will give you some Motels to try. Mike is getting A20Ultra special rates from a number of motels, which he is posting on the facebook page.

6. Getting out of Oamaru

  • We will have 1x bus going from Oamaru to Chch Airport on Sunday 4th March leaving about 9am (time to be confirmed), that would allow it to arrive approx. 12:30pm at Chch airport
  • The same detail as the bus From Chch, if we get close to filling it will be in the $35 region.
  • For others, the bus companies above all have buses going north for you to book.
  • We hope many of you can stay and sample other parts of New Zealand whilst way down under.

7. Photo Package

  • We have engaged a great race photographer who will have a team on location for the entire race. The team have been scouting locations to capture all those magic moments as you glide through New Zealand. The Package will be available for pre purchase at registration.
  • They even made us look good in a recent mountain bike race… so imagine how good they can make you look!

8. Alps2Ocean Ultra 2k18 Race Facebook Page (Private for competitors only)

  • A reminder to join the Race Facebook page. Via facebook- Alps2Ocean Ultra 2k18
  • Join the community, lots of great advice is being shared around, training tips, lightweight gear options explored, motivation aplenty, and Says monthly challenge to mix up your training and earn beer coupons!
  • It is also where all the information is shared quickly, these newsletters are detailed but most of the information has already been shared and discussed on the facebook page.
  • Best of all, everyone is getting to know each other, we think February might turn into a week long party…

9. Volunteers for Race

  • We are now compiling a list of names of volunteers for the race. Several of you have submitted names of people who are interested in helping.
  • Please PM Mike with the names again along with nationality and email contact. Mike is building the volunteers list now, and we want to include everyone who put their name in previously, before Mike recorded them :) 

10. Entry List below. If you wish to change to supported/unsupported it is as easy as emailing Mike alps2oceanultra@gmail.com

  • 60% are International entries, very exciting to have you all here in NZ.
  • 67 Female entrants, 65 male
  • 71 unsupported, 59 Supported, 2x Team

First Name Surname Nationality Sex Teamname
1 Rob Antulov Australia m supported
2 Sandra Antulov Australia f supported
3 Adam Badrawy UK m unsupported
4 Luis Barco Argentina m unsupported
5 Kerryn Bell New Zealand f supported
6 Anne Bennett Australia f unsupported
7 Josie Benson UK f unsupported
8 Hal Benson Australia m unsupported
9 Gus Benzie New Zealand f unsupported
10 Paulette Birchfield New Zealand f supported
11 Caroline Bray New Zealand f unsupported
12 Brad Bull Australia m unsupported
13 Rebecca Butler Australia f unsupported
14 Tony Calder-Steele New Zealand m supported
15 Sharon Campbell Australia f supported
16 Susan Candela Riggio USA f unsupported
17 Ian Chidgey UK m unsupported
18 Nicky Chrascina UK f unsupported
19 Bevan Clark New Zealand m supported
20 Simon Clendon New Zealand m unsupported
21 Mathew Collard Australia m supported
22 Emerson Da Rosa Australia m supported
23 Anna Dalton New Zealand f supported
24 Tracey Donavan-Grammer New Zealand f supported
25 Michelle Donnell New Zealand f supported
26 Maree Earl New Zealand f supported
27 Bertha Estrada Mexico f supported
28 Andrew Fafita-Lamb Tonga m unsupported
29 Wendy Fallon New Zealand f unsupported
30 Jeremy Ferguson New Zealand m unsupported
31 Kristina Finch New Zealand f supported
32 Richard Fletcher UK m unsupported
33 Karen Fogen Canada f unsupported
34 Koleighne Ford New Zealand f unsupported
35 Keir Garrett UK f unsupported
36 Celia Grenning Australia f supported
37 Philippa Hammond UK f unsupported
38 Dean Hammond UK m unsupported
39 Sue Hardy New Zealand f unsupported
40 Geoff Hardy New Zealand m unsupported
41 Paul Hewitson New Zealand m unsupported
42 James Hewson New Zealand m unsupported
43 Jamie Hildage UK m unsupported
44 Kate Hogue New Zealand f unsupported
45 Elaine Horsey Wales f supported
46 Vincent Hulin France m french media
47 Anneta Hunt New Zealand f supported
48 Dennis Hunt New Zealand m supported
49 Robert Jacobs New Zealand m unsupported
50 Sara Jones-Hogen New Zealand f unsupported
51 Anne Kelly UK f supported
52 Yvonne Kemeny Canada f unsupported
53 Doug Kenealy Australia m supported
54 Fiona Kenny New Zealand f supported
55 Maegan Kerr Australia f unsupported
56 Peter Kingston Australia m supported
57 James Kohler Australia m supported
58 Joel Koscielski Canada m unsupported
59 Carlos Kumeroa New Zealand m unsupported
60 Nathan Lane Australia m supported
61 Cameron Lawes New Zealand m unsupported
62 Andrew Locher USA m unsupported
63 Alexandre Lucas France m french media
64 Jim Mandelli Canada m unsupported
65 Eemon Marstella Australia f supported
66 Stewart Mason UK m unsupported
67 Sandra Mcafee Canada f unsupported
68 William McCarthy USA m supported
69 June McClintock New Zealand f supported
70 Sally Mcconville UK f supported
71 Rhiannon Mclean New Zealand f supported
72 John Molly New Zealand m supported
73 Ruby Morgan New Zealand f supported
74 Florence Morisseau France f unsupported
75 Eve Napier UK f unsupported
76 Leah Nicol New Zealand f supported
77 Graham Oneill UK m supported
78 Peter Opdahl USA m unsupported
79 Jade Overy UK f unsupported
80 Jane Ovington UK f unsupported
81 Neil Ovington UK m unsupported
82 Karen Parent Canada f unsupported
83 Ange Parker New Zealand f supported
84 Mike Pilgrim New Zealand m supported
85 Alain Pinto Portugal m unsupported
86 Richard Poole Australia m unsupported
87 Inia Raumati New Zealand m unsupported
88 Garth Reader USA m unsupported
89 Sylvie Reaney Canada f unsupported
90 Simon Rees UK m unsupported
91 Steve Roberts New Zealand m unsupported
92 Geoff Robinson New Zealand m supported
93 Carl Rogers UK m unsupported
94 Eric Rohnacher USA m unsupported
95 Matt Rolfe UK m unsupported
96 Britta Rottschy Germany f unsupported
97 Ven-nice Ryan Australia f unsupported
98 Andrew Salamone USA m supported
99 David Sambolin Mexico m supported
100 Kate Sanderson Australia f unsupported
101 Cheryl Schneider Australia f supported
102 Robert Self USA m supported
103 Alex Senior New Zealand f supported
104 Rebecca Sinclair New Zealand f unsupported
105 Callum Skeet New Zealand m supported
106 Kirsty Skidmore New Zealand f supported
107 Louise Slater Australia f supported
108 Katrina Small Australia f supported
109 Murray Smith New Zealand m unsupported
110 Toni Smith New Zealand f supported
111 Luke Smyth New Zealand m unsupported
112 Jane Snowden Australia f supported
113 Souvanxay (Say) Sphabmixay France m unsupported
114 Andrew Stanley New Zealand m supported
115 Patrice Stichbury New Zealand f unsupported
116 Shane Talbot Australia m supported
117 Jane Thompson New Zealand f unsupported
118 Brenton Thompson New Zealand m unsupported
119 Jacqueline Tol Australia f supported
120 Cheryl Trempala USA f unsupported
121 Lynda Watson New Zealand f supported
122 Janine Watts Australia f unsupported
123 Lyndy Wickham New Zealand f supported
124 Steve Wickham New Zealand m supported
125 Jane Williams UK f unsupported
126 Kylie Williams Australia f unsupported
127 Simon Wilson UK m unsupported
128 Sacha Wilson UK m supported
129 Benjamin Winrow UK m supported
130 Colin Yarker UK m supported
131 Amy Yeoman New Zealand f supported
132 Allan Yeoman New Zealand m supported

We wish you well with your training,
Kind regards
Michael Sandri
Race Director
+64 272 285 158

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