New Zealand's First Ultra Staged Run. Starting at the base of New Zealand's highest mountain, travelling on foot 322 kms to the small harbour of Oamaru, located on the shores of the Pacific Ocean.

 There will be three options for this run:

  • Option 1: Self-supported – you will have to carry all your own food, sleeping mat, sleeping bag, all compulsory items and any other item you wish to carry for the entire 7 days.

  • Option 2: Supported - Your food and bedding will be carried for you by the A2O ultra team to the end of each stage. You will still have to carry compulsory gear and food for that day. No outside help allowed

  • Option 3: Teams – Each team will comprise of up to 4 runners, each runner will carry the same as an individual runner and you must stay within 50 metres of each other for the entire stage. All team members have to run all stages.

With any option chosen -There is to be no outside assistance at all during the race, except that which is deemed necessary by the race director.

Race food: All runners will have to carry a minimum of 2200 calories of food per day - Total of 15400 calories. This will be checked at registration and there may be spot checks as the week goes on.

Team entry: Each team member has to enter and put their team name down on the entry. A team cannot enter in the supported option, if someone in the team gets tired, they can share their gear with their other team mates .. makes for good dynamics :)

You will have to choose which option upon entry, once the event starts no changes will be accepted.

The run will be broken into 7 stages of varying distances, with the longest stage being approximately 85km to 95km. There will be generous cut off times. If you do not make the cut off times your run will be over and you will be taken from the course.

The run team will provide tents, hot and cold water at the finish of each stage.

During the race, there will be check points every 10 to 15km where there will be water and electrolytes.

Along the way you will encounter some of New Zealand's most breath-taking scenery, which will be unique to this run. You will pass by historic sites and may even recognise some landmarks from the movies: Lord of the Rings, The Hobbit, and Narnia.

Our goal is to create a run environment where finishing is more important than results and you take away an unforgettable lifetime experience.

The run will not be easy and you will be pushed to your limit. You will get tired, sore, hungry and may even get the odd blister - all those things that go with ultra-stage running. But at the same time, I guarantee when you get back home and have recovered, you will have loved it and most importantly have met some amazing people.