Please note when choosing your equipment, think about how heavy each item weighs. Those unnecessary  and heavy items will take their toll eventually, maybe not on the first day.



Mandatory equipment:

1 x back pack - there are many different types out there so please take time to look and ask questions on our closed facebook page or by email.

1 x sleeping bag - Must have a Minimum temperature rating of Zero Degrees Celsius (32F) or lower. (we must be able to see the rating at check in). You are going into an alpine area and it can get very cold especially at nights.

Sleeping mat (please consider your other running mates when choosing your sleeping mate  size, remember there is limited amount of room in the tents.

Light down Jacket

Seam Sealed light weight Jacket with hood


Signal Mirror

Space or Survival Blanket - size minimum 2000 x 1400

2 x head lights with spare batteries for each. (100-200 lumens)

Red flashing light for night stage

2 x water bottles (minimum of 750mls each)

Food - A minimum of 2200 calories per day must be carried by unsupported runners. You must have a minimum of 15400 calories at the start of the race (this will be checked).

Supported runners - will also have to take the minimum amount of 2200 calories per day. ( Your food and non compulsory daily items, which includes sleeping bag and mat will be transferred by the ultra team - Your total weight allowance at the start of the race is 16kg (including your daily running pack)- There is to be no outside help allowed at all.

Supported runners Gear Bag - This bag may not be any bigger than 75cm long, 45cm wide and 45cm high. (This may change and final sizing we be issued in the August new letter)

Supported runners backpack - must be big enough to carry all mandatory gear, daily food and drink. Must be big enough to carry extra clothing and food for long stage.

Blister Kit and First Aid Kit - Every one is different, so make sure you have the gear that you need to repair those places that need attention. You must be able to patch yourself up. The medical people will not be there to fix the odd wee blister, on the other hand they are there to fix the odd big blister.

Running gear

Warm clothing: 1 x Thermal top and 1 x pr long pants/tights

Personal Medication.

Ziploc bags for rubbish.



Recommended Items (These items are not mandatory): 

         Cap or hat

         Hand sanitizer

         Sunscreen (I would seriously consider taking this - the sun In New       Zealand burns very quickly)

         Toilet paper

         Wet wipes



         Spork and plate, cup

         Ear plugs

         Personal items

         Warm Clothing 

         Mobile phone: These are for taking Photo's, personal video blogs or if there is                                       an emergency on the trail and you need to get in contact                                                 with race officials. No Contact with the outside world will be                                           allowed during the race. If you are caught you will be                                                       disqualified from the race.

         Body glide or similar

         spare socks

         slippers for around camp 

         sleeping bag liner


 The Alps 2 Ocean Ultra team will supply the following items

        Daily course guide

        Electrolyte replacement tablets at all camps and checkpoints (Type will be                    announced shortly)

        Hot and cold water - only cold water at check points

        Stage cards to be clicked at each check point


Please note: this list is a living document and may be changed at any time.