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As a first time race director of the inaugural alps2ocean ultra staged race, I could not believe how many decision you have to make each and every day, every hour, every minute.

This bond, will live with us all for the rest of our lives, their journey together over 330 k's amplifies what Alps2Ocean is all about. 

Its about the people, it's about the people, its about the people.

The most important goal we set as a race was to make sure every single person felt like they were wanted, needed, and that they felt safe and cared for. 

That they were not just a dollar on the bottom line.

Together we embarked on a life changing experience that will live with us for the rest of our lives. We formed friendship with people form all around the planet, connections that will last forever.
The reliance that was formed by us all, including the volunteers grew as the week went on. We needed each other to reach our goal.

We wanted the race to be exciting and full of surprises. We had train rides, bus ride, helicopter rides, jet boat rides, wine tasting, and we even got to taste some our beautiful local salmon. We wanted the pre and post meals to be amazing. The surprise Ice creams was just the icing on the cake and the best thing ever after the long stage. These were just as important as the run itself.

As a race director, sorry, as a friend, I want to thank every single person that was part of this amazing week/year.
I will never forget the Trust you placed in me and the encouragement that I received from you all. You are the most amazing group of people I have ever meet.

What happens now for us all.

I now look forward to sharing the money that you "ALL" helped raised. Taking it back into our community to help local Children reach their Goals. 
Please remember the part you played and that all of you, even if you are not here as such, continue to make a difference in peoples lives just as you did during race week.

Thank you so much Team 2018

- Michael Sandri (Race Director)